Fashion & Textiles CAD-CAM Services


Creative hubb has been providing CAD-CAM services to the clothing and engineering industry for many years. We have established a loyal following due to our innovative and helpful attitude towards our clients, we’re prepared for any challenge and enjoy converting your ideas into reality.

Services to capture your imagination...

A photo of people working on fashion garment designs

Product Development

Create new, innovative products for your business, we can help you generate and evaluate ideas, develop and test, analyse outcomes and keep commercialisation at the forefront. From modifying existing products to adapting to new, niche or emerging markets, we can make your ideas a reality.

A fashion design colour mood board

Design Illustration, Technical & Fashion Layout

We offer, guidance in latest design and trend stories suited to your business. We can take your original concept right through to final design using fashion illustration to convert your ideas into reality. Concepts are presented on boards or in a presentation format using industry lead software. Detailed working drawings are created from photographs, products or designs. Layouts and graphics can be developed for branding and designing of leaflets, business cards, brochures. We also offer a logo and placement print design service.

A photo of busy hands at work drawing garment patterns.

First Patterns & Amendments

Prototype pattern templates can be produced from garments/products, photos or sketches for all areas of the textile industry, with hard copies or digital files supplied. We also offer a pattern alteration service to achieve your final design and fit.

A screenshot of digital sizing illustrations

Special Measures & Plus Sizing

Bespoke sizes of your current ranges catered for and provided in your chosen media.

A giagram to explain the PLM process

PLM-Product Lifecycle Management

We are proficient in using these packages to track and gain information on your current styles and liaise with other technical staff to overcome any issues.

An illustration of fashion pattern blocks

Pattern Blocks

Creative hubb have developed a range of affordable clothing pattern blocks tailored for students and start-up fashion labels/designers. For more information please contact us.

Services to make production easier

A screenshot of some digital grading software

Digital Grading

Approved sample patterns graded accurately using Gerber Accumark software to individual specifications or to an agreed standard. Patterns are supplied on card, paper or in a digital format.

A screenshot of marker making software

Marker Making

Computerised costings determine the total material usage for all your products. Using the latest Gerber Accumark software we will create or update your costs with accuracy. Full scale production markers supplied on paper for immediate use or emailed mini markers for you to replicate.

An illustration of files being converted

File Conversion & Cut Files

Have your Gerber Accumark files converted to DXF format, use data electronically worldwide for all leading CAD-CAM systems. Marker data prepared for Gerber cutting table.

Photograph of fashion pattern nesting equipment

Pattern Nesting & Digitising

Are your pattern templates a fire risk, getting old and worn out or just taking up too much space? We can digitise your pattern templates into our Gerber system, these can then be provided to you in a format of your choice, either printed or digital.

A photo of a digital pattern cutter

Production Patterns & Template Cutting / Printing

Are you just looking for a pattern template service? We can receive DXF or Gerber Accumark files and can plot your patterns onto paper or plot and cut onto card. Please enquire for examples.

A digital illustration of pattern template data

Digital Pattern Template Data

We offer digital pattern storage solutions to ensure your data is backed up, safe, secure and stored offsite.

A screenshot of a fashion technical pack

Technical Packs

Supply your manufacturer with all the information they need, we can provide you with full detailed working drawings, specification sheets, bills of material, measurements and graded specifications, fabric details, colourways, placement prints, embroidery etc.

A digital instructional document

Manufacturing Instructions

Ensure your products are made to your specifications, we can produce detailed order of make with visuals and any other relevant information you require.

Customer Testimonials

  • This is how to do business. I can't thank Creative Hubb enough for the way they approached and helped us with our project. Professional, knowledgeable and helpful...great to work with. 5 star service. Thank you

    Henry Abrahams – MoveWellUK
  • Having worked with Lisa Webb and the Creative Hubb over the last 6 years I can fully recommend them to take on any challenge with flair, creativity, professionalism and guaranteed delivery to schedule.

    Not daunted by any task (creating a pattern for a six metre coat for the Mechanical Giant Godiva Puppet for the 2012 Cultural Olympic Project ‘Godiva Awakes’) they are sure to relish a challenging commission.

    Both easy and a joy to work with these creative women always deliver to a high professional standard always putting the vision of the client first.

    Kathi Leahy – Imagineer Productions
  • We have worked with Creative Hubb since 2013 and it has helped our business tremendously. Not only are the team a pleasure to work with but they also take the time to really understand what it is we need and are just as passionate about our vision as we are!

    Their knowledge of pattern grading/cutting is beyond anyone I have worked with in the industry, they understand fully the importance of fit and comfort for the customer, and work to the tightest deadlines especially in this fast paced industry.

    It is refreshing to work with such a strong, talented team who genuinely care about their customers and the work they produce.

    Thank you Creative Hubb for all your help over the years and the many more we have to come!

    Gagan – Nyc Limited
  • “Creative Hubb are quite literally my dream team. I approached them with very little knowledge about the process of design in this context and they helped me through it all, not only getting my ideas but the bigger picture and most importantly the potential. Creative Hubb are the perfect mix of practical production knowledge, business acumen, highly experienced crafts, and design style. So far with their help we’ve launched a line of bags from reclaimed commercial fabrics, and I won’t hesitate to approach them with any new innovations I dream up in the future.”

    Heather Golding – Tony G Ltd
  • I just wanted to share a quick note about Lisa and Lisa from the Creative Hubb. They both have been creating my patterns for the last two years. They have made this process super easy for my brand and have the quickest turnaround while maintaining the highest quality of work. Thank you guys.

    Darcy Readman-Smith – INSUBORDINATE