About Creative hubb

Our Vision is to help create a more sustainable fashion and textiles industry within the UK and globally.

Creative hubb is a team of three directors, each providing their unique experience to the collective.

Lisa Walsh profile photo
Lisa Walsh
Specialist in First Patterns and Design Development

Lisa 1 is a self-proclaimed shopaholic who loves to travel to exotic locations, especially ones with extensive shops and markets! She loves to visit her family in Dublin and is partial to a cold pint of Guinness. Lisa is an animal loving vegetarian who likes to live the good life.

Favourite Cake
Chocolate Éclair

Favourite Animal

Favourite Place
New York

Car Washes


Sharon Concannon profile photo
Sharon Concannon
Specialist in Cad Illustration and Technical Drawings

Sharon loves to be involved in the local community and helps to run a youth club. She is easily influenced and doesn’t need to be persuaded to take part in fancy dress. She loves cake, chocolate and biscuits and can often be found searching the office for treats! Sharon spends lots of time with her family and friends, although if she ever offers to cook you dinner – decline gracefully!

Favourite Chocolate bar

Favourite Shop
John Lewis

Favourite Season



Lisa Webb profile photo
Lisa Webb
Specialist in Technical and Product Development

Lisa 2 is a mad cat lady. Inadvertently accumulating a small pride of moggies Lisa is on the verge of requiring professional help, either that or opening her very own cat café. She has an obsession with sticking bogglie eyes on everything and loves to collect tat, especially anything with a cute face. Lisa loves food, both cooking and eating! She also enjoys supporting local community events and often gets roped into things without volunteering!

Favourite Car
Rover Mini

Favourite 80's TV show
The Muppets

Favourite Food
Fish & Chips




Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and dynamic designs to help our customers stay at the forefront of their market.

In 1997 Lisa 1 and Sharon started working together at the Coventry Clothing Centre, which was funded by Coventry City Council as part of their Inward Investment programme. The aim was for us to provide subsidised design and technical services to the local clothing and textile industry.

Lisa 2 joined the team to act as maternity cover when Sharon had her first child. Lisa 2 was completing a placement year from Northumbria University whilst studying Fashion Marketing. Returning as a full time member of staff in 2004 after completing her degree.

In 2009 funding was withdrawn by the City Council due to the decline of the clothing industry throughout the West Midlands, at this point we were able to purchase the Cad Cam equipment off the City Council and were approached by local engineering company NP Aerospace who offered us all permanent positions. NP Aerospace had previously used our subsidised Cad Cam Services to help design and develop various products including the UK MOD Bomb Disposal (EOD) suit.

As members of Staff with NP Aerospace (which later became Morgan Advanced Materials) we helped to develop many soft armour products including both vehicle and body armour. Our biggest achievement being a brand new range of EOD suits which are world renowned for both protection and flexibility.

Alongside this, Creative hubb Partnership was formed. Located within the offices of NP Aerospace, we were able to continue to work with the clothing industry and educational establishments to support on both design and technical services. In 2018 Creative hubb Limited was set up and our business moved to new premises in Henrietta Street. Creative hubb Limited continues to have a close relationship with NP Aerospace and is involved in various projects with them, we also provide design and technical services to high street fashion retailers, designer labels, corporate wear, workwear and PPE manufacturers amongst many others.